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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

New Grand Representative

I traveled to Golden Rod Chapter in Snohomish last night and presented  Anna Thomas  with the Commission of Vermont. Before the meeting  I gave several members tickets. When it was time to make the presentation I passed out envelopes with a small gift inside, to those people with the instructions they couldn't open them yet.  
Then called out a number and had the person with that number open her envelope. Inside was a small gift bag with coins wrapped in tissue paper. I asked how much money she had and the amount matched the last two numbers on her envelope.  Two more people opened envelopes and again the amount matched the last two numbers. The I called for number 200 and Anna proceeded to open her envelope and there was her Vermont pin. She sat there with a stunned look and tears ran down her face. I then introduced her as the new Grand Representative of Vermont. Took her to the East and gave her the Certificate and rest of the paperwork. She was pretty much speechless.  It was fun thing to do.
Marian Whetham, Grand Esther

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