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Tuesday, May 12, 2015


Our kite set sail and landed in Port Angeles.  Calvin and I are delighted to announce our Memory Maker Grand Ruth.
Virginia "Ginny" Elliott will be our Grand Ruth and her Escort is Phyllis Rasler.
It seems that some were stumped by the clue but those who figured it out and were able to attend the meeting in Port Angeles had a Grand time.  Cheri Moll and Tom Schenwerk were there to represent the PGM and PGP's. Current Grand Ruth, Melanie Boss was there and looked lovely in her creamy-pale yellow dress. In the excitement I forgot to count but I think there were 4 past Grand Ruths. Ginny is a bundle of fun and joy and we look forward to her sharing her sunny yellow outlook on life.  Two more clues this week.  Hope you will be able to attend. Star Love and Hugs, Kristine Ford AGM and Calvin Russell AGP

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