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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

New Grand Representatives

Mitzi Davis, organist at Magnolia Chapter beautiful downtown Millwood , is the newly commissioned Grand Representative of Idaho.  Bonnie Rail, Grand Ruth , with the assistance of Mitzi's daughter Vicki Chamberlain who is the W.M., completely took her by surprise!  John Chamberlain, Mitzi's son -in law, is a newly appointed Grand Representative of British Columbia & Yukon in the Idaho jurisdiction so for his first time introduction at Magnolia Chapter Mitzi , as organist, lead us in the Idaho state song.  Grand Ruth, Bonnie displayed to the members and friends in the chapter room a sweatshirt with the word IDAHO embazened on it and placed it at Mitzi's station.  Not much response there until the little sack of  Idaho Potato Poop was placed beside it and her introduction made. She joined us in the East amid cheers and applause where she received her pin and the beginning of which we know will be a full and satisfying commission for her. 
OES members from Idaho joined us for this fun evening to honor our new Grand Representative.   Congratulations Mitzi. We love you!! (This all happened on Tuesday, Februay 18th)

I traveled to Maple Leaf Chapter in Bellingham on 2-18-2014 to give the Commission for Grand Representative of California.  I went around the Chapter having members read some little known laws of the state, using them as clues to identify it.  The last law was read by Past Grand Representative Mary Nelson, whose commission had just ended.  Her law claimed that the new Representative of California in Washington was Janet Small.  I escorted Janet to the East, attached her California pin and read the Declaration from the WGM of California.
Charlie Tewalt, Grand Chaplain

Current/Former Grand Representaives in attendance 
Janet Small, Grand Representative of California
Cheri Reynolds-Nevada; Janet Small-California and Marcia Beck-Delaware

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