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Friday, February 14, 2014

Another New Grand Representative

Last night, February 13, at Roza Chapter's "Christmas All Year Long" Friendship Night, under "Good of the Order," Santa Claus entered the Chapter room with a "Ho Ho Ho," and began handing out gifts (with the help of his elf, Bill Miller from Tacoma Chapter) to each member and visitor. 
Santa (aka Grand Organist, Gerry Stinnett) reminded everyone that "It is better to give than to receive," and should anyone receive a gift that they thought someone else would enjoy more, they should give it to that person right away.
Gifts were exchanged, and finally and reluctantly, Glenna Cline gave her gift, a certificate for the new Grand Representative of New Jersey, to her daughter, Cathy Edmonson.
The 48 members and visitors applauded with cheers and tears of joy.
Bill Miller, Jr. Past Grand Representative of New Jersey presented Cathy with her pin.
After closing, the Chapter retired to the dinning hall to continue the celebration.
Gerry Stinnett, Grand Organist

                                                 Cathy & Bill Miller
                                                      Cathy & Gerry
                                                  Cathy & Glenda (Mom)
                                 Cathy & Former Grand Representatives
                            Cathy Edmonson, Grand Representative of New Jersey

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