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Friday, May 3, 2013

Answers to Clues #2 and 3

On Wednesday, May 1st we traveled to Sunnyside Chapter to announce that Gerry Stinnett will serve as our Grand Organist for 2013 14.  The Chapter room was filled with enthusiastic supporters of Brother Gerry and his escort Rob Chandler.  There were 6 Past Grand Organists present including Sandy McAmmond, Sara Jane Johnson, Cindy Garrett, Janie Larson, Pamela Lee and Myrna Nilson.

On Thursday, May 2nd we traveled to Lackamas Chapter in Washougal to announce Eileen Winstead will serve as Grand Marshal for 2013-14.  Again, the Chapter room was filled and everyone was very excited for Eileen and her escort Willie.  Present were 10 Past Grand Marshals including Cheri Moll, Peggy Mills, Marilyn Hoots, Karen Whipple, Stephanie Hoye, Sheryl Mencke, Val Starnes, Donna Craig, Irene Jacobs, and Gail Herman and our current Grand Marshal JoDee Desrosier.

Thank you to everyone for your attendance and support.  We can't wait to announce more members of the Happy Hearts Grand Family!

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