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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Answer to the Final Clue

What fun it was to travel to Spokane Chapter to make our final announcement.  Betty Hughes will be the new Eastside Chairman of the Bluebird Deputies for 2013-14.  Her escort will be her sister Alice. 

There were 15 current, former and future Deputy Chairmen present - from left to right:
Carol Lee Walk, Marilyn Schahfer, Nancy Peterson, Kathleen Mitchell, Vicki Chamberlain, Stephanie Hoye, Nancy Breza, Betty Hughes, Marjoe Richards (behind Betty), Pam Marrs, Florence Harris, Bonnie Rail, Marilyn Bordner, Diane Osborne and Marita Bothman.

We are so looking forward to a fun and happy year with Betty and Kathleen and all their charges.
Two of them were announced last night:  Lu Reel from Spokane Chapter and Sandra Monk from Amethyst Chapter in Seattle.  The other 24 will be announced in the next 3 weeks, so stay tuned.

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