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Thursday, April 11, 2013

New Grand Representative of Iowa

Well I did it.  I gave Nancy Huntley of Poulsbo Chapter #235 the Grand Representative commission to the great state of Iowa tonight!

My little skit was comprised of Nancy, Jr. P.P, Bob and Virginia and myself.  The Marshal handed out words for a song about fun days to the tune of School Days to everyone, except for the four of us and we were standing in front of the East.  The sheet I gave to the four of us had words starting out with the same tune and then it got all mixed up with one about fun days, one about the light the night walk and Nancy’s with some info on Iowa.  Once everyone was really confused, I apologized and stated I had been working on several projects this week and apparently got everything all mixed up.  So I got the information I had taken along and gave a sheet of info on Fun Days to Bob to look over and comment and one on Light the Night Walk to Ginny to look over and comment and then I gave Nancy the folder on the Grand Rep commission and when she opened it and started to read it, I then introduced her as the new G.R. to Iowa.  She was sooo excited as well as everyone there.  Of course, everyone told me later they knew it was going to be her.  How they know is beyond me!!!  

Nancy was thrilled that the commission is from Iowa as she has OES friends and other friends in Iowa.  She said when she goes to their Grand Chapter; she will have to go for more than the 3 days, more like 3 weeks! 

I had a great time!  Even got to sit in the East!!

Louann Yager
Grand Electa

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