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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Answer to Clue #1 - New Grand Adah for 2013-14

Last night at Amethyst Chapter, we had the honor of announcing our new Grand Adah for 2013-14 – Sister Kathi Dewey from Amethyst and Crown Chapters.  We are so pleased that Kathi will be part of the Happy Hearts Grand Family and look forward working with her.

Thank you WGM Gerry Mosler, GGCCM & PGM Cheri Moll, PGM Sandy McAmmond and GGCCM and PGP Dennis Okicich for being there to support our new Grand Adah and to the 80 members and friends in attendance.  There were also 6 Past Grand Adahs:  Alice Ashley, Gen Cooley, LaNita Pascoe, Mary Helen Johnson, Kristine Ford and Cindy Schneider.

Stephanie Hoye AGM
Rodger Collins AGP


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