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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Sad News from Belfair/Waconda

Message from Kathy Hutton, daughter of Margaret & Bill Pollak ~
To all friends and family, Margaret Pollak (born March 25, 1928, in Ohid, Hungary) was admitted to the hospital on November 18th after choking on apple pie. Her heart stopped and she was revived but there was still apple in her lungs. The doctors didn’t think she would make it that night, but Mom being stubborn and feisty, hung on until the night of Nov. 22nd, when she peacefully passed on to be with her husband Bill. Margaret & Bill were Worthy Matron & Worthy Patron of Waconda #217 in 2003-04 and traveled widely throughout the state to represent their chapter and Eastern Star. When Waconda merged with Belfair in April 2008, Margaret became a member of Belfair #241, but moved to Longview within the year to be near her daughter Kathy. Information about services and where to send condolences will be posted shortly.

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