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Monday, December 5, 2011


From Cheri Moll:

Kathy Neubecker’s granddaughter Grace, age 8, is in ICU at Harborview Hospital and is not expected to live. She needs all the prayers you have.

Grace has a blood disorder called ITP, which involves two processes, the destruction of existing platelets and the inadequate production of platelets.

She was unresponsive yesterday morning so they called the aid car and they were on the way to Children’s but the EMT’s decided that she needed to get to a hospital sooner so they took her to Swedish in Mountlake Terrace and from there, after a CT scan, took her directly to Harborview. Her platelet count was very low and they immediately put her on an IV of a medication to increase the count. The scan reveled that there was bleeding on the brain and the doctors said that she needed surgery, but the platelet count needed to be up around 80,000 to 100,000 in order to operate. Late last night the count was at 150,000 so they performed the surgery, which was to drill 2 holes in her head to drain the fluid. Because of the location of the blood clot, deep center of the brain, they were not able to operate on it. The surgeons were hopeful following the surgery and said that everything went as planned, for the drainage, and that she would need to stay in the hospital for around 10 days.

Around midnight Kathy called to say that the eyes were not responding to light and that they were going to run some tests. She called me at 4:30 this morning to say that Grace was still alive but that they don’t think that she will make it through the day.

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