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Monday, November 21, 2011


Tuesday November 22, 2011 update after talking with Doctor.

MRI is negative for the scan of her spine. Great news. This has been categorized as stage 4 Breast cancer, as it has traveled to the brain. The best treatment is exactly what we are doing right now. We still must wait for the final pathology report on the lymph nodes that were taken, however Dr. said that initial report shows negative for lymphoma.

The doctor and I have talked with mom and explained several things, with this said, Mom is in very good spirits this morning and seems to be getting stronger by the day. Thanksgiving for us will be right here so Don and I with the help of my brothers (they don't know it yet) will be smuggling in good food for Mom.

Just saw this from Lynette Zierden of Grand Coulee Dam Chapter about her mom Carole Fisher.

Mom is in the hospital in Spokane Sacred heart . She has started radiation for several lesions in the brain, and is still undergoing testing. yesterday they discovered a couple of lymph nodes in the center breast bone area and one under her left arm that appear to be affected. This somewhat indicates that the cancer may be in the breast area again and traveled to the brain. There is also a nodule on her thyroid and a aneurysm in her stomach area.

Today she will have a bone scan and another MRI in the spine and back area. At this point I believe they are looking for every place the cancer may have traveled too. I will try to keep everyone up to date when I can.

Prayers needed,

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