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Thursday, November 17, 2011

New Grand Representative

I had the pleasure to travel to Henry Wentworth Chapter on Nov 16th to present Penny Norvell the commission as Grand Representative to the Grand Chapter of Australia. As I walked down from the east and part way around the room, I sang the first lines of several state songs. The members assisted by shouting “NO – That’s Not It. TRY AGAIN!” after each one until I sang, “Tie Me Kangaroo Down, sport”. The shout was “Hurray, THAT’S IT”. Thanks to Robin Jessup, for directing them. As I neared the east, I sang, “Waltzing with Penny” and escorted her to the podium. I’m not sure when Penny realized what was happening! There were about 52 people in attendance and PGM Beverly Haave (Former GR to Australia) was there to offer special congratulations to the new Grand Representative. It was the end to a fun meeting.

Marjorie Bamford
Grand Organist

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