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Friday, May 13, 2011

New Grand Chaplain announced

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Good evening to you all. Thursday night at Mount Baker chapter we announced Jim Iversen as Grand Chaplain, along with his escort Pat. The room was overflowing with 98 wonderful Eastern Star Members; there were Past Grands, Grand Officers, Grand Representatives and Deputy Instructors, as well as some of the newly announced Grand Officers for this coming year. In attendance was Irene Jacobs, Grand Marshal 2011-12, and escort Gary; Cindy Schneider, Grand Adah 2011-12, and escort Tom Hall; Pat Scales, Grand Electa 2011-12, and escort Tom. Our name for the new Grand Family is "The Pace Setter" Grand Family. During the announcement I had all the members of the Pace Setter Grand Family come to the East where Grand Conductress Gerry Mosler & escort Terry and Grand Sentinel Bob Breza & escort Nancy were introduced and the ladies given the mouse pin that all of our ladies will be wearing this coming year. Our new Grand Chaplain had a few words of wisdom to share. Thank you to all of you that have come out for the announcements! We look forward to a wonderful year serving this Grand Jurisdiction.
Gloria J Schwartz
Assoc Grand Matron

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