OES WA Calendar

Thursday, April 28, 2011


"Tick and Tock" appeared at Pine Tree Chapter No. 77, Kettle Falls and helped A.G.M. Gloria and A.G.P. Frank announce another Grand Officer, Grand Electa, Sister Pat Scales with Brother Tom as her escort. P.G.M. Marjoe Richards, P.G.M. Diane Osborne, P.G.P. Chuck Callen, P.G.P. Roy Sharp, and four past Grand Electas were present and Sister Pat and Brother Tom were 'pleased as punch!' Sister Jan Glidden, new Grand Ruth and Sister Shirley Armstrong, new Grand Warder (both Former Grand Representatives), were also present to share the special moment with Sister Pat. Everyone was very excited for them.
--Jean Burnett, Secretary of Eastern WA Grand Representatives' Club

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