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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

2010 - Aug 16, OV Cedar & Tacoma

(Unofficial count) 116 members braved the traffic to join Cedar and Tacoma Chapters for the official visit of WGM Linda Runyan with WGP Dick Weigel and the Starlight Grand Family.  We enjoyed a delicious dinner for a donation ahead of the meeting.

WM Irene Jacobs and WP Gary Jacobs of Cedar Chapter did a great job of leading their officers through opening and introductions.  Then WM Charlotte Miller and WP Bill Miller and their officers did a lovely job of the Golden Chain and closing.

WM Linda's speech was a wonderful reminder of how important the Ronald McDonald house is to the families that use it and why we need to save our pop tabs to help support it.

After the meeting we enjoyed delicious refreshments in the dining room.
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