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Sunday, August 8, 2010

2001 - Aug 6 - OV Montesano and Pacific

(Unofficial count) 110 members traveled to Montesano for the official visit of WGM Linda with WGP Dick and the Starlight Grand Family.  It started with a delicious dinner and then we celebrated being out of the massive traffic jams all over the west side of the state by putting on our masks and having a ball.

WM Barbara Russell with WP Mark Russell of Montesano did a great job of leading their officers in opening and introductions.  Then WM Donna Moody and WP Les Moore of Pacific Chapter took over and lead their officers through the Golden Chain. 

All of the officers did a great job and everyone had a wonderful time.

Under good of the order, we were treated to a fairy tale with WGM Linda as Cinderella and WGP Dick as the Prince.  She was wheeled into the room in a beautiful "carriage" that looked suspiciously like a dolled up wheel chair.  It was preceeded by two noble steeds that had to use a walker to get around.  However, after being escorted throught each Star point and given appropriate advice, she got to dance with her handsome prince - until the clock struck midnight and she was wheeled out with the horses leaving little reminders of thier presence.  But, not to worry - they had a clean up crew ready.

All in all, it was a very fun and happy evening. 

We look forward to seeing everyone at the golf tournament or at the next OV for Cedar and Tacoma Chapters on Monday, August 16th!  Then on Tuesday the 17th it's the ov of Fern and Lewis chapters.

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