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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

2010 - 03-29 - Merger Olympic into Reliance

(Unofficial count) Over 120 members gathered in Bremerton to celebrate the merger of Olymipc Chapter into Reliance Chapter. After opening, we were delighted to have Kris Hoots Thomas's daughter Katriana (Marilyn & Bill's grandaughter) sing 2 wonderful songs for us. She is very talented and poised and received a standing ovation from a happy audience.

The merger started with the members of Olympic in a circle inside the labyrinth.

Then the members of Reliance formed a circle around them.
The Grand Officers and escorts formed a golden chain around all of them and the members of Olympic and Reliance formed one large circle as WGM Marge performed the merger ceremony.

Afterwards, the members of Reliance Chapter welcomed their new members with gifts.
The Kitsap-Mason WMs and WPs of 2009-10 - led by Jim Zachau of Priscilla in his finest headdress yet, gave everyone eggs.

It was a very fun evening filled with fun, laughter and friendship.

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