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Sunday, December 13, 2009

WW GR Club Holiday Party, Dec. 13, 2009

Western Washington's current and former Grand Representatives joined together for a holiday party to honor WGM Marge Ramsdell and WGP Dennis Okicich at the Tacoma Elks. After enjoying a delicious dinner Cheryl McMahon gave us a politically correct interpretation of the Night Before Christmas and then Stephanie Hoye, with the assistance of her elves, treated everyone to an interactive interpretation of the Twelve Days of Christmas.

Pictures of the festivities are available here! Hopefully some better pictures will surface so everyone can see how well the WGM and others did interpreting "six geese a laying".

The elves were played by:
WGM Marge Ramsdell
WGP Dennis Okicich
AGC Gerry Mosler
Mary Bender
Michelle Burlison
Vicki Chamberlain
Karol Graham
Rose Gross
Melanie Jenson
Don McAmmond
Kathy Neubecker
Laura Vogel

And the roads were clear all the way home (or at least to south Snohomish County)!

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