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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

GR HN - Carole Swanson, Doric Chapter - rep. Tennessee

(Unofficial count) 76 people braved the frigid temperatures to venture out to Doric Chapter and help celebrate Carole Swanson, Grand Representative of Tennessee in Washington.

Close to 40 current and former Grand Representatives were on hand.

The American Emerald Grand officers were well represented.

Responses came from Amy Smith for the Grand Representatives, WGP Dennis Okicich for the Grand Officers, PGM Ann Gates and PGP and GGCCM Brian Gross.

Carole was honored with the presence of four members of Prince Hall including a Past Grand Matron, Grand Trustee, and Worthy Matron and Worthy Patron of Esther Chapter in Tacoma. The WP provided a CD with pictures from the reception of Prince Hall's GWP on November 29th and those are in an album on the sidebar.

It was a wonderful evening filled with fun and laughter and delicious food after the meeting.


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