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Tuesday, March 6, 2018

New Grand Representative

Monday, March 5th, I had the pleasure of travelling to Chehalis Chapter to present Doris Tibbits with a commission to South Carolina. She was extremely surprised and elated. To make the presentation we played a game. I came with 13 unmarked envelopes and had my helpers, AGC Darlene Wiggins and former GR, Melanie Boss pass them out among the membership. Each envelope contained a letter of the alphabet. Those receiving envelopes were told to not open them and to line up in the West with no order to the lineup. On the count of three, they were given one minute to open the envelope, arrange themselves in proper order to spell a word. It took them more than a minute and when they were done they were lined up as follows: ANILORACHTUOS. All on the side lines started laughing because the spellers had the word (s) backwards and couldn’t figure out what was wrong. Once they got turned around, I had Doris (who was playing March music for the game) brought to the East for her presentation of her certificate and pin. She was given a standing ovation. There were several current Grand Representatives and Former Grand Representatives present. Fun was had by all. Thank you WGM Jean and WGP Al for allowing me to travel to Chehalis to present this honor. 
Irene G. Jacobs, Grand Secretary

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