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Tuesday, September 26, 2017

New Grand Representative

Tuesday, September 19th, I had the opportunity to attend Greenwood's meeting for the purpose of appointment of a Grand Representative.
It took some thinking - but I decided to create a word search puzzle for everyone to play - keeping in mind that I didn't want it to take foreverrrrr.
So I created two - one for everyone attending which had the appointee's name and jurisdiction kind of hidden in it, and one for the appointee that had her name and the jurisdiction in the puzzle in RED.
The puzzle had all the Grand Officers listed and then the puzzlers had to figure out where the other clues were at in the puzzle. So my handy assistant, Vanna (Chuck Kent) took one side of the room and passed out puzzles, I took the other side. I made very sure to 'miss' Adah when I began handing out the puzzles and telling everyone to keep them face down....watch out for those Worthy Patrons though...they can be a bit sneaky and try to peek.
When I 'thought' I'd handed out all the puzzles, I explained how the puzzle worked ...that all the grand officers were in it ... but that there were two clues in the puzzle that would tell them which member of Greenwood would be the Star of the evening.
Oh, and then I was reminded that I hadn't given one to Adah. So I gave her the special puzzle and told everyone to turn over their puzzles and begin. I think it took 30 seconds or so before Helen Van Allen recognized that her name was on the sheet. She was startled and said "I never thought it would happen for me", laughing.
We then escorted her to the east, presented her with her pin and commission as the Grand Representative of South Dakota in Washington. Pictures afterward of the Grand Representatives present: Cathy Cook (NM), Linda Mock (VA), Sandra Monk (MA), and Donna Severn (OR). As well as 3 past GR of South Dakota (Willie Halprin, Mary Beth Short, and Chuck Kent) and about 10 or so others.
Thank you to the Worthy Grand Matron for this fun honor to bring joy to someone else!
Tess Kent, Grand Martha 2017-18

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