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Saturday, July 1, 2017

Worthy Grand Matron Jean's Installation Address

          Everything I’ve learned, I’ve learned from my family, my friends, my years as a Rainbow Girl, and now as a member of the Order of the Eastern Star.  I know I have a lot more to learn, and I do mean a LOT more to learn, but I wanted to share with you just a few of the things I’ve learned so far: 

          I’ve learned that a smile is the best way to greet everyone – it makes both you and the person you’re greeting feel welcome. 

          I’ve learned that a hug is the perfect way to let someone know you care.  Our watchword this year is HUGS! which stands for Hope, Unity, Grace and Service. 

          This year, our charities are two-fold.  The monies earned will go to support our own Grand Chapter General Fund.  Service is important to Brother Al and I, and so we also have hands-on service projects:  we’re going to make chemo caps for cancer patients; we’re going to save our eyeglasses for the Lions’ Club to help others see better; we’re going to save our prescription bottles for Doctors Without Borders; and we’re going to clip coupons for our military.  These are all simple, easy things for all of us to do in order to serve others. 

          I’ve learned that a kind word will touch your own heart as well as the heart of those you are sharing with.  Never let a kind word go unspoken.  The person you’re speaking with may need those kind words more than you know. 

          I’ve learned that dreams really do come true.  Our motto this year is “When we believe in our dreams, they can carry us to the stars.” 

          I’ve learned that we really can soar to new heights.  One of our goals this year is not just to increase our membership, but also to mentor our new members.  Several chapters already have mentorship programs, and we would like to encourage all chapters to have a mentorship program to help our new members feel welcome and wanted, to help them learn our signs and passes (it took me an entire year to learn Electa’s pass – I used to want to say, “Forever the Rainbow” and for crying out loud, we never even said that in Rainbow!), and to teach them the traditions of our chapters.  It has been said that we are all angels with just one wing, and we can only fly by helping others.  So, become a mentor, help our new members to fly, and they in turn will help our beautiful Order soar! 

          I’ve learned that in an ordinary day, there are a thousand miracles and blessings galore.  My Bible verse this year is John 1:16: “From the fullness of His grace, we have all received one blessing after another.”  Every day is an opportunity to see the miracles around us and to feel the blessings that have been bestowed upon us. 

I’ve even learned a few things from fireflies:  

Believe in magic and life will be more fun.
Delight in simple things.
Take time to celebrate life.
And let your light shine.

          So, climb aboard our Eastern Star hot air balloon!  Soon you’ll be on your way up, you’ll be seeing great sights, you’ll join the high fliers, who soar to high heights.  Enjoy the ride as the light of our Eastern Star balloon takes us up, up and away; and join with us on this great adventure as we Soar to New Heights! 

          In closing, remember, success is not just what you achieve in your life, it’s what you encourage others to do!

Jean Ballard, Worthy Grand Matron, 2017-18

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