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Monday, February 6, 2017

Two New Grand Representatives

Thursday night (February 2nd) was the night to attend Adelphi Chapter in Spokane.
I had the pleasure of presenting Sarah Jane Johnson with the commission of Grand Representative of New Brunswick! She was literally frozen with shock~
Tootles ~ JoDee Desrosier, Gr. Conductress

 I was pleased to present Malinda “Mindy” Morgan her commission as Grand Representative to Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island.  At the end of the Grand Representatives introducing themselves at Neil’s Reception on Saturday, February 4th.  I jumped up and asked the WGM if there were any more commissions to be given.  She said that there was.  I proceeded to ask her if I could please have an appointment, at which time I was told no.  Gerry Mosler was in attendance and volunteered for the commission but I proceeded with the search for the perfect person to fill the position.  Sister Mindy was very surprised and kept repeating “it’s me, it’s really me”.  I know that she and Michelle Burlison are already making plans and that they will have a wonderful time in Nova Scotia.
Star Love,Pamela Lee, Associate Grand Conductress

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