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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

New Grand Representative

On Saturday (March 21st) at Tyler Chapter's installation I had the privilege of announcing brother Ken Estess as the new Grand Representative of Maine in Washington. After the installation of officers under announcements I asked for help from Irene Jacobs Grand Secretary  and Melanie Boss Grand Ruth. I had a presentation board with a map of the United States and we narrowed down our search for the jurisdiction by following clues like East of the Mississippi and somewhere along the Appalchain trail. While doing that I placed letters on the board to spell out Maine. After we had figured out the jurisdiction I asked Melanie to find our new Grand Representative, several people stood up hoping it would be them but at last Melanie escorted Ken to the east. Both Ken and his wife Ann were very surprised and the chapter and all in attendance were happy. 
Thank you Maryann for allowing me to present this commission to a very deserving member.
Peggy Mills Grand Conductress

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