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Friday, January 9, 2015

Two New Grand Representatives

I am pleased to announce Barbara Blankenship of Harmony Chapter as our new Grand Representative of Connecticut. She was thrilled.  So fun. Chris Bippes, Grand Martha

I traveled to Mount Baker Chapter in Mount Vernon last night and presented the Commission of Grand Representative of Mississippi to Laurel Jacobs.  She is the Treasurer at Mount Baker.
I first did a geography lesson by asking for the capitals of 5 different states, then asked what the first letter of each capital spelled. It took a few minutes and then someone (I think Jane Christianson) very quietly with a question mark said Jacobs. I went down and greeted Laurel and her first question was "Where do I go?" I then asked her what state was Jackson the capital of and she promptly said Mississippi.  It turned out that she has family near there.
A commission well deserved and a pleasure to present it.
Grand Esther, Marian Whetham

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