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Thursday, April 10, 2014

New Grand Representatives

I traveled to Maple Chapter in Kelso last night (April 9th).  Under Good of the Order I asked the Worthy Matron if I could approach the east.  One of my assistants handed out dark chocolate Hershey kisses to everyone in attendance while 5 other assistants gave out clues about the state.  I then began reading some facts about the state.  Then I read names of people from that state and the last name I read was that of Carol Dunn - the new Grand Representative of Pennsylvania!!!!  She was already seated in the east as she is Junior Past Matron.  She was very surprised but did state that she had distance ties with Pennsylvania.  So it was extra special for her.  
Hugs, Eileen Winstead, Grand Marshal

Hi....a busy Wednesday night(April 9th) in our area but at Pine Tree Chapter in Kettle Falls the members celebrated the announcement, made by Bonnie Rail Grand Ruth, that Mary Hagstrom is the new Grand Representative of the District of Columbia... our nation's capital!
We were all quite amazed as Mary had nothing more to say than thank you!
She is the chapter's  JrPM and served as a Lamplighter Deputy Instructor.

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