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Sunday, March 2, 2014

New Grand Representative

Today (Saturday, March 1st) at the Grand Sentinel's Reception during the introductions of the Grand Representatives I stopped the Worthy Matron before she gave them a hearty welcome.  I said that there was one more Grand Representative who had not been introduced but I knew who it was.  I asked the Worthy Matron if I could introduce this person.  She gave me permission to do so.  I started out with saying there were several people in attendance from a particular family such as the Fruit Family - Peaches, the Flower Family - Rose, the Money Family - Penny and finally the Spice Family or really one of the Spice Girls - Ginger.  I introduced each lady.  When it came to Ginger I said she was also known as the new Grand Representative of South Carolina.  I instructed the Conductress to bring her to the east for formal introductions.  The new Grand Representative of South Carolina is Ginger Graham of Henry Wentworth Chapter in Vancouver.  She is listed in the Blue Book as Ruth in Henry Wentworth Chapter.  She was very surprised and speechless.  
Eileen Winstead, Grand Marshal

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