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Friday, March 8, 2013

New Grand Representative

  I (Sandra K Henry, Grand Secretary) traveled to Analia Chapter in Edmonds last night (March 7th) and presented Jan Etchison with the commission as Grand Representative of Maine.
    For the presentation I asked Grand Officer's and Escorts in attendance to assist me (Stephanie; Rodger; Helen, Don & Jan). I asked Stephanie to give each of them an envelope and said so all could hear - that I didn't care who got what. Privately I'd asked Stephanie to make sure that Jan got Envelope #5.
    I then read some fact about Maine - such as they make 90% of the world's toothpicks, and then had each envelope opened and read. In the envelope was a card, the outside of the card had a different interesting fact about Maine - such as it's illegal to walk down a street in a certain Maine city when playing a violin. When they opened to the inside of the envelope there was a comment from me like "I don't know if the new Grand Representative of Maine can play a violin but I do know that she, or is it a he, is very proficient at the 'mouth' harp."
    When we got to envelope #5 the front of the card had a summation of all the comments about the new Grand Representative and inside was the name. Jan only got through two of the summation points before she looked startled, then looked at me, turned red, opened the envelope and started crying.
    It was very satisfying and fun!!!
    Thank you, WGM Gerry, for the honor of making this appointment.
    We had 9 former Grand Representatives in attendance including Ken Taylor, and his wife Ann, the junior past Grand Representative of Maine.

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