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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

New Grand Representative

Judy Scott as my driver and I, went on a road trip (on Monday, February 25th) in a motorcycle with side car around the chapter room (Esther Chapter in Port Angeles) stopping at four different members giving them clues to figure out what city and state we were in.  The first stop was Las Vegas, the second was New Orleans, third was Washington DC, with the final stop being in the East giving WP Paul Carmean a clue as to where we were.  I then gave KC a few more clues and when they both figured we were in New York, I then gave her the prize for answering correctly which was the Grand Representative Pin for New York.  She was surprised beyond belief!  Everyone gave her a standing ovation as I gave her the rest of the information on her commission.  It was great fun!!!

Louann Yager, Grand Electa

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