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Friday, January 4, 2013

Two New Grand Representatives

I (Janet Pitcher, Grand Ruth) traveled to Alderwood Chapter on Thursday, January 3rd to announce a Grand Representative appointment to 33 members who came out to join the party.  After taking care of the appropriate sluething and being assured the appointee would be at the meeting we arrived with great excitement.....and lo and behold no appointee!!! Oh what to do???  I talked to the Worthy Matron, and we decided to give a call from the meeting to see what was up.......and I had the pleasure of announcing BARBARA PEDERSON AS THE NEW GRAND REPRESENTATIVE OF CONNECTICUTBarabara was somewhat speechless, and when she heard everyone in the chapter room clapping and cheering she asked where we were and were we partying.  It was a fun evening, and I will look forward to meeting with Barbara and giving her her pin and Grand Representative paperwork.
It is with great pleasure I (Calvin Russell, Grand Organist) announce Sister Judy Nalley of Delta Chapter #109 as the newly appointed Grand Representative of Michigan in Washington!!  Thursday evening, January 3rd, I traveled to Delta Chapter in Auburn to present Sister Judy with her commission.   To accomplish the complete surprise, Brother Calvin conducted a short 'breakfast survey' of select Delta members.   He asked the first question of Sister Judy, a 'loaded' question to which her only response could be 'cereal'.   After several others responded to questions, he returned to Sister Judy — who at this point had her cell phone camera pointed at the person she "just knew" was going to be the recipient — and said to Sister Judy, "I liked your answer of cereal the best. Cereal comes from Battle Creek, Michigan, and YOU are the new Grand Representative of Michigan in Washington!!"  The room erupted in joyous congratulations.   Sister Judy was absolutely dumbfounded.   She laughed, she cried, she accepted all the warm accolades from her Sisters & Brothers with many hugs and much delight.

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