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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Vote to win air miles for Shriners Hospitals: 

Aloha from John Grobler, MWGP, and Barbara Grober, Secretary to MWGP:

While visiting the Honolulu Shriner's Hospital, we learned that United Airlines has a mileage giveaway contest for charities.  Whichever charity gets the most "votes" on this website, will be given 10 million miles.  The contest runs in December until December 25 and anyone and everyone can log into it and vote for their favorite charity......lots are listed; right now Shriners is in 3rd place (last year they won 1st place in this contest and divided the 10 million miles among several of their hospitals).  We can help this year (for the next 12 days) by getting the word out to all of our members to go to the website printed below and vote every day for the Shrine Hospital charity.  One can vote from any where you can log into the internet.  Please get the word out to all our members and we can help the Shriners!  Remember the contest ends December 25th. 

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