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Friday, October 12, 2012

Proceeds from AGM & AGP Luncheon

It is my pleasure to announce that we raised $3,000 at the Luncheon/Reception of the AGM and AGP for our youth groups.  It will be divided as follows:

To the three youth groups who helped with set up, tear down and provided great entertainment:
$250 to Edmonds Rainbow Assembly #55
$250 to Edmonds Bethel #5
$250 to Henry M. Jackson DeMolay

To our Washington State Youth Organizations:
$750 to WA/ID Rainbow Foundation
$750 to Jobie Weekend
$750 to DeMolay Convention Scholarship Fund

To clear up any misconceptions, ALL of the expenses of the luncheon including venue, food and decorations were paid for by Analia Chapter, Afton Chapter, Rodger and Helen Collins and me.  Every penny that was raised from luncheon donations and raffle basket sales goes directly to the youth groups.

Thank you so much to everyone who attended and donated. 

Stephanie Hoye
Associate Grand Matron

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