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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Update on Joe Ivey, PGP of Arizona

Hello Everyone,
I guess it's about time I sent out an update on Joe.  It's been almost 2 months since we left Seattle to return him home to Prescott.  We managed the trip well, and after getting settled in, we were able to get him to Arizona's Grand Chapter, August 1st and enjoy his Honors both Thursday Afternoon and Evening for being not only Arizona's Senior Past Grand Patron, but for serving 50 years ago!   He enjoyed his time there and the visits he had with many old friends.  The 3 Ivey "Kids" made a presentation to Grand Chapter of a new American Flag in his Honor. The rest of  his family was all there too, to help in the celebration and also to celebrate his 89th birthday which was  the 13th of August.  He survived all the festivities with a little rest now and then. 
Since then we have had a few short outings, just to get him out and about, but he does get tired easily.  He has been on oxygen now for about a month, and gets weaker as time goes by.  Hospice here is just as wonderful as they were in Seattle and he is getting very good care;  the nurse comes every week, and the social worker every 2 weeks, or when we need something, and the chaplain comes whenever we need him, and he visits, sings hymns, prays with us, and even brings communion.  He saw the kidney Dr yesterday, and so far, his kidneys are holding up well, considering the Congestive Heart Failure, and the amount of diuretics he has been taking.  He had blood work yesterday for the Congestive Heart Failure  and the results show that his heart is failing even more, and he will have up days and down days as he gets weaker.  He is using his walker all the time now, while his legs are still able to support him.  His daughter Judie is here with me again, and we are doing our best to see that he is comfortable, and see that he does what he wants as long as he is able.  He looks forward everyday for the mailman to come, so if anyone would like to send a card, I know he would deeply appreciate reading them.   Address is:
912 Old Stage Rd, Prescott AZ 86303  .....  And prayers are especially welcome.
Phone 928-776-9351  sometimes he may not want to talk,
Carmen Ivey

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