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Thursday, August 9, 2012


The Grand Chapter of Arizona was held in Glendale August 2nd-4th and I’m happy to report that PGP Joe Ivey was able to attend – another shining example of the power of prayer! WGM Jane Blair Garcia and WGP Earl Wunder welcomed Joe’s family to the Grand East during Thursday’s afternoon session to do a special presentation about Joe’s OES history. It concluded with their presentation of an American flag to the Grand Chapter of Arizona in honor of Joe’s 50th anniversary of being WGP. Then, during the evening session, when it came time to introduce the Past Grands, they introduced Joe ahead of the rest and by his new title of “Senior Past Grand Patron.” Joe was so pleased by all of this, and it made Arizona’s “Follow Your Dreams” session extra special for me, too.

Judy Turchin
Grand Representative of Arizona

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