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Friday, July 20, 2012


Hi All,

I guess it's time to send an update on things in the Ivey household.  As you know we were able to go to Yakima for GC, and Joe did pretty good, with a nap now and then.  That trip was a Test to see if he could tolerate a trip to Arizona, and I guess he passed.  We now have plans to go back to Prescott, where his home is and where he wants to spend whatever time he has left.  Friends from there are flying up Wednesday and taking my car and trailer back to Arizona, leaving Thursday.  We are flying his daughter up here on Tuesday, so she can help me with getting him through the airport, and flight to Phoenix on Saturday the 21st.  Hospice has been wonderful, and are transferring him to Hospice down there in Prescott.  I have been packing and trying to get everything in order with all that needs to be done to accomplish this. 

If we survive this trip, we may be able to attend Arizona GC  Aug 1 - 4th, where he is being honored on Thursday afternoon as it is 50 years since he was WGP.   Hopefully he can be there for that.  He so enjoyed seeing everyone in Yakima, and thrived on visiting with all his friends there.  Please keep us in your Prayers and any cards can be sent here or to our AZ address:   912 Old Stage Rd, Prescott, AZ, 86303.  However anything sent there will be forwarded here until I get back and change that.  Anything sent here will be sent down there by my neighbor.   Thanks to all of you for your Love and Prayers through this difficult time. 

Just another note, My only brother has been very sick since February, in fact was in the ER the same evening I first took Joe in.  He had a lung transplant 10 years ago, and apparently from what they think, his transplant medications were affecting his organs after this long a time, so they changed his medications and it seemed that that helped some, but now is having other effects, and his blood count is down to 20 instead of 40 something, and he is not producing red blood cells, and having other complications as well,   so it is especially hard for me to leave him at this time, but I need to be where Joe wants to be.  So if you have any extra Prayers, please include my brother and his family too,  Thanks.

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