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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Washington OES website - update!

Just wanted to give you an update on the progress of the official website www.washingtonoes.org.

Last year was a transitional year for the site.  Our Chairman Joan Kershner's illness and eventual passing was a big blow to the committee and we didn't have the opportunity to carry out our plans. 

We have regrouped and under our new chairman - Vicki Voorhees - are hard at work redesigning, streamlining and modernizing the site.  We have made a lot of progress and should be ready to transition to the new site sometime in mid August.  The web address will be the same and we will still use the blog for breaking news, invitations, photo albums and general announcements.

The old site will stay up until the new one is ready so you will still have access to the forms and links to the Chapters and other jurisdictions.

We value your opinions about the site and would be happy to have any feedback you want to give us going forward. The email for the website is waoesweb@gmail.com

Thank you for your patience during this transition!
Your Website Committee!
Vicki Voorhees - Chairman
Cheri Moll
Dianna Kaspar
Kerri Kosta
Stephanie Hoye

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