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Thursday, March 10, 2011

IMPORTANT Routing information to Grand Coulee Dam Chapter

Grand Coulee Dam Chapter is asking your help to get this information out to the membership. Sister Pamala Marrs' Honor Day is to be held April 9th at the Community Church in Coulee Dam, next to the Masonic Hall. We have just received notice that Highway SR155 is to be CLOSED from April 2nd through April 10th for rock scaling work. We ask that you study your state map if you are coming from south, west, or northwest to determine the best route to take to get to Coulee Dam as you will not be able to get to here from Coulee City. From the west, if you come across the Waterville Plateau, turn north on SR 17, just before you get to Coulee City, go to SR174 and go right to Grand Coulee. Coming from the south, turn east at Coulee City on US2 and go to Hartline, Almira or Wilbur (our suggested turn on SR 174) and go left to the Grand Coulee area. We are sorry about this inconvenience. Last fall they stated that this work would be done in March, so we never thought it would be an issue. Well, now it is and we are doing our best to make your trip here as easy as possible in advance.

Marjoe Richards, PGM

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