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Friday, July 2, 2010

Grand Chapter 2010

First, some housekeeping:
From Chuck Aldrich:
I left a bag with two shoe boxes and shoes back by the proxies table at grand chapter. They are Becky's shoes, so I am definitely in the dog house. I am hoping that some one might have picked the bag up, maybe from credentials or decorations when they went back there. Please contact me if you know where her shoes are.
Thanks and Star love
Chuck Aldrich

Dan and Vicki Voorhees took hundreds of pictures at Grand Chapter and I was too excited to take any, so they have promised to put some albums on the web for your viewing pleasure and I will link to those when they are ready.  In the meantime, if you want to purchase all the pictures from the session, they are available on a CD for $75.  If you want to purchase all the pictures from the installation, they are available on a CD for $25.  If you just want to purchase some individual pictures, you'll have to wait until the albums are published to make your picks.  You can contact Dan and Vicki for more information or to purchase any of their excellent pictures.

Additional Information
If anyone has additional information about any of the events from Grand Chapter, please feel free to email it to us and we will be happy to add it to the blog.

I had the honor of attending the Deputy Instruction class at Toppenish and watching our new Sparkler Deputies go through their paces under the tutelage of their Chairmen - Gini Dryer-Dow and Pamala Marrs.   Looks like we will have a great group and everyone had a great time learning some new things and getting to know each other.  After an excellent lunch provided by the members of Illihee Chapter, all the non-deputies ventured off to either register, participate in ritual competition, or just visit with friends.

Sunday evening - Gala
The ballroom of the Clarion was packed to capacity on Sunday evening as all those who got reservations in early gathered for a barn raising.  We started with an hour of socializing, hugging and general happiness.  Then our hostess for the evening, PGM Ann Gates directed us to two buffet lines with delicious food.  There was something for everyone.

After dinner and some introductions, we were treated to some delightful and very funny entertainment by PGM Lucy and Jim Miller of Idaho.  To top off the evening, Grand Electa Bev Baller announced that her daughter Melanie Loughmiller had been appointed as the new Grand Representative of Louisiana in Washington.  What a thrill for Sister Bev and for Mel.  It was a wonderful evening filled with friendship and fun.

Monday morning was filled with breakfasts for the 2009-10 WMs and WPs and the Chapter Secretaries and Treasurers.  The rest of us finished registering and getting our credentials and checking out the amazing wall hangings made by the Chapters for the silent auction.  The auction raised $3,500!  Well done!  We also enjoyed the wonderful decorations from Irene Jacobs and her many little elves. 

The Past Deputies enjoyed a delicious lunch at the Clarion hosted by the Maplette Deputies and everyone else got ready for the informal opening. 

The Magic Bus started its journey around the Grand Chapter room and then one of the highlights of Grand Chapter was seeing PGM June Lee and PGP Paul Runyan escorted to the east.  Sister June received a standing ovation and everyone was thrilled to hear that wonderful, "HELLO".  We are so blessed to have her in our midst and she is living proof of the power of prayer. 

We were treated to welcomes from all the Yakima entities prior to the presentation of the Eastern Star Scholarship Fund awards by Darlene Wiggins, and the Alexandra Schencking Nurshing Scholarship awards by Laura Vogel.  There was also a presentation of the funds collected for the WGP's Project - ALS.

The ESTARL service was lovely and very meaningful, and then the Masonic Leaders were introduced beginning with our wonderful youth groups, International Order of Rainbow for Girls, International Order of Job's Daughters and the Washington State Order of the DeMolay.  It was an honor to have them and the other Masonic concordant organizations with us in Yakima.  We value our relationships with all of them and were pleased to have them at our Grand Chapter.

We were also all very excited when WGM Marge and WGP Dennis called Carole Fisher from Grand Coulee Dam Chapter to the Grand East and announced she was the new Grand Representative of  Tennessee in Washington.  It was just in time for her to march in the Parade of Flags.  What a great appointment.

Monday Evening
The evening started with banquets for the Past Grand Matrons and Past Grand Patrons and another for the current and former Grand Representatives.  Janie Larson and Lilynne Davis performed at the USO Lounge and then the Magic Bus took off again to get us started. 

The Monarch Grand Family presented the Bible and Emblems to start the evening.  Grand Marshal Peggy Mills then escorted PGM Marilyn Hoots and PGP Al Butterfield into the Grand Chapter room to open the session.  The Grand Officers looked wonderful in their lavender forever dresses.  Louise Belsby reported 95 of the 95 Chapters in our grand jurisdiction were represented and then we had the presentations of the US, Canadian, Christian, Eastern Star, Washington, Idaho, Oregon, Ohio, Texas, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island and West Virginia flags with fitting tributes to each.

Our Distinguished Guests - through Grand Officers Emeritus were presented and then the Grand Representatives of Washington and other jurisdictioins joined in the Parade of Flags.  Finally the Dresden Star Deputies were escorted and Grand Chapter recessed for the evening.

Tuesday Morning
The Magic Bus went around the Grand Chapter room picking up more passengers as the Tuesday morning session got under way.  PGM Kit Wells and PGP J. Paul Fitzsimmons opened the session and then we got down to business.  The candidates for office were presented in the East, and Chuck Aldrich, Teller Chairman, gave instructions for voting.   Since there was only one candidate for WGM, WGP. AGM, AGP, Gr. Sec., Gr. Treas, and Gr. Cond., The Grand Secretary cast an elective ballot for each after which the first ballot for Associate Grand Conductress and Grand Sentinel was taken.  The Credentials Committee reported a total of 1014 votes available including proxies.

Committees started reporting and then the Resolutions were presented for discussion and voting.  This is not in the order discussed, but here are the results of the Resolutions:
1.  Passed (must be approved by 2/3 of Chapters)
2.  Passed (must be approved by 2/3 of Chapters)
3.  Passed (must be approved by 2/3 of Chapters)
4.  Passed (must be approved by 2/3 of Chapters)
5.  Passed
6.  Passed
7.  Passed as amended
8.  Passed
9.  Passed
10.  Passed
11.  Passed
12.  Passed
13.  Passed
14.  Passed
15.  Passed
16.  Passed
17.  Passed
18.  Failed
19.  Passed
20.  Passed
21.  Passed
22.  Passed
23.  Passed
24.  Passed
25.  Passed
26.  Passed
27.  Passed
28.  Withdrawn to take back to committee to rework and clarify
29.  Passed
30.  Passed
31.  Passed as amended
32.  Passed
33.  Passed
34.  Passed
35.  Passed
36.  Failed
37.  Passed
38.  Passed
29.  Passed
40.  Passed
41.  Passed

The Teller report for the first vote was:
Associate Grand Conductress - 959 votes cast - 480 required to win
No election

Grand Sentinel - 955 votes cast - 470 required to win
No election

A second vote was taken.

Right before lunch, the results of the second ballot were reported:
Associate Grand Conductress - 955 votes cast - 478 required to win
A thrilled, excited, grateful and very humbled Stephanie Hoye accepted the position as Associate Grand Conductress elect!   (thank you!  thank you! thank you!)

Grand Sentinel - 940 votes cast - 470 required to win
Bob Breza was also thrilled to accept and now sister Gerry has her partner for the next 3 years and beyond.

Tuesday Afternoon
The afternoon started with the entrance of PGM Joanne Clark and PGP Terry Wiggins to open the session.  At 2 pm, PGP Al Butterfield, Chairman of the Eastern Star Charities Foundation did a great job of conducting the annual meeting of the Foundation and keeping us all informed of their activitiy and progress.  After this the Standard Works committee presented the proposed revisions to the Book of Instruction for the vote of the members.  Results were as follows:
1.  Passed
2.  Passed
3.  Failed
4.  Passed
5.  Passed
6.  Passed
7.  Passed
8.  Passed
9.  Passed
10.  Passed
11.  Passed
12.  Passed
13.  Passed
14.  Passed
15.  Passed
16.  Passed
17.  Passed
18.  Passed
19.  Passed
20.  Passed
21.  Failed
22.  Passed
23.  Passed

After many more committee reports, the session recessed for dinner.

Tuesday Evening
After the Magic Bus gathered up a few more members, PGM Gerry Shafer and PGP Bill Hammontree called the session to order.  We heard messages from our GGC Committee members Gerry Shafer and Brian Gross and from our own John Grobler, Right Worthy Associate Grand Patron and his partner Bobbi White, Right Worthy Associate Grand Matron. 

Helen Mount of Afton Chapter reported for the Necrology Committee after which a truly beautiful and very moving Grand Memorial arranged by Grand Chaplain John Chamberlain and written by Rose Gross was given with the participation of the members of El Katif Shrine in Spokane.  There were very few dry eyes in the Grand Chapter room and it was a wonderful tribute to our Eastern Star sisters and brothers who have passed on before us.

Wednesday Morning
After the Magic Bus picked up a few more visitors, PGM Marjoe Richards and PGP Phil Green welcomed everyone to the Wednesday morning session.  WGP Dennis did a great job of taking care of the rest of the business and they gave the results of the Ritual Competition and just after 10 am, WGM Marge welcomed all of our distinguished 50 year members. 

The 2009-10 Worthy Matrons and Worthy Patrons were presented and then we recessed for the afternoon. 

Wednesday Afternoon
The Magic Bus gathered up the American Emerald Grand Family and took them for one last spin around the Grand Chapter room.  The PGM Diane Osborne and PGP Roy Sharp welcomed everyone to the last session of the 2010 Grand Chapter.  After presentation of all the people who helped make Grand Chapter possible and the Grand Escorts of the American Emerald Grand Family, WGM Marge and WGP Dennis and the Grand Officers retired their badges.

Installing PGM June Lee and her team, PGM Marjoe Richards, PGP Phil Green, PGP Paul Runyuan, PGM Marilyn Hoots, PGP Roy sharp, Gr. Sec. Emeritus Norma Jean Roberts, PGM Kit Wells, PGM Diane Osborne, Installing Gr. Chaplain John Chamberlain, Installing Gr. Marshal Peggy Mills and Installing Gr. Organist Cherie Adams, did a gret job of installing the new 2010 -11 Star Light Grand Family:
Worthy Grand Matron - Linda Runyan
Worthy Grand Patron - Dick Weigel
Associate Grand Matron - Gloria Schwartz
Associate Grand Patron - Frank Pascoe
Grand Secretary - Sandra K. Henry
Grand Treasurer - Marcia Haukaas
Grand Conductress - Gerry Mosler
Associate Grand Conductress - Stephanie Hoye
Grand Chaplain - Harold Hill
Grand Marshal - Karin Whipple
Grand Organist - Pamela Lee
Grand Adah - Mary Helen Johnson
Grand Ruth - Anita Borst
Grand Esther - Lorna Burns
Grand Martha - Helen Collins
Grand Electa - Ann Taylor
Grand Warder - Alice Hughes
Grand Sentinel - Bob Breza

After the address of the new WGM and WGP, Most Worshipful Grand Master Santy Lascano gave a very inspiring address to the audience.  Then the Galaxy Escorts were presented, followed by the Comet Grand Representatives, Sparkler Deputy Instructors, and 2010-11 Worthy Matrons and Worthy Patrons.  Just before closing WGM Linda and WGP Dick presented the commission of Grand Representative of West Virginia to Patricia McKinley from Martha Chapter in Cheney.  After the Bible signing ceremony, retiring march and receptions line, we all went to either dinner or home - exhausted but happy to have shared another wonderful Grand Chapter with our friends.

As I said above, there are many holes in this report and I would welcome any comments or additions.  Just send us an email, or click on the comments button below and we'll get them on the blog right away.

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