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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Grand Esther Luncheon - Feb. 13, 2010

(Unofficial count) Almost 100 people enjoyed a delicious lunch honoring Grand Esther Glenda Miller and the other four Star Points.

Esther Club President Karin Whipple did a great job of emceeing the festivities. Their junior past counterparts presented Grand Adah, Grand Ruth, Grand Martha and Grand Electa with beautiful plates etched with their symbols. Then junior Past Grand Esther Diane Rice presented Glenda with a large gold rimmed snifter etched with Esther's crown and scepter. Despite Gordon's suggestion, Glenda said it would not be used as a wine glass.

PGM Diane Osborne presented WGM Marge and WGP Dennis with their gifts from the club. It was a wonderful afternoon and everyone enjoyed being together.
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