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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

OV Report - Southgate & Laurel, Sep 21, 2009

(Unofficial count) 77 members enjoyed the official visit of WGM Marge with WGP Dennis to Southgate and Laurel Chapters at the Southgate Masonic Hall in Burien.

WM Janet Sebastian and WP Gary Craig of Southgate ably lead their officers in a stellar opening, then took us through lots of introductions. They took care of their Chapter business quickly, then turned the gavel over to WM Janet Rowe and WP Bill Pond of Laurel Chapter. Laurel's officers exemplified the examination of a visitor with Karla Hansen (Past Grand Marshal) as the visitor.

The members of the two Chapters were proud of the work done by their officers.

One of the gifts to WGP Dennis was a buffalo hat, which he modeled for everyone in the dining room.

Not to be outdone, WGM Marge took her turn modeling the coveted hat and showing off her new ladybug scarf.

After the meeting we all enjoyed delicious refreshments and lots of laughter in the dining room.

2009 Oregon WGM & WGP & GO Reception

Our Worthy Grand Matron, Worthy Grand Patron, Grand Marshal, Grand Martha, Grand Escorts and various members traveled to eastern Oregon on Saturday, September 19th for the joint reception of Oregon's WGM, WGP and 3 Grand Officers.

It was held at the Eagle Valley Grange Community Park and preceded by a fabulous barbecue dinner.

WGP Dennis had his trusty camera there and managed to get lots of great photos. They are linked on the sidebar to the right. He reported that it was a wonderful day full of fun and laughter.


Friday, September 18, 2009

OV Report - Reliance & Poulsbo, Sep 17, 2009

(Unofficial count no thanks to Becky Schell who kept losing count) 90 members gathered in Bremerton for the official visit of WGM Marge with WGP Dennis at Reliance and Poulsbo Chapters. A delicious dinner for a donation preceeded the meeting.

The hot air baloons floated gracefully among the stars as WM Jan Dore and WP Billy Lee lead their members in opening and introductions then through the business of the Chapter.

The penninsula Worthy Matrons and Worthy Patrons were up to their usual antics as they dressed as Mickey and Minnie Mouse impersonators for introductions.

Poulsbo Chapter WM Nancy Huntley and WP George Kuhr lead us through the examination of a visitor and closing.

After the meeting there was a delicious variety of pies of to tempt us in the dining room before heading home.


OV Report - Afton & Golden Rod, Sep 16, 2009

(Unofficial count) 91 members gathered in Marysville for the official visit of WGM Marge with WGP Dennis at Afton and Golden Rod Chapters. The meeting was preceeded by a delicious potluck dinner.

Both Chapters were well represented by officers and members and Golden Rod's flappers were dressed in their finest outfits from the 20's.

WM Jeanese McPherson and WP Boyd McPherson of Afton did an excellent job of leading their officers through opening and introductions. The business of the Chapter was deftly handled. Then WM Colleen Wall and WP Charles Bell of Golden Rod took over and lead us throught the examination of a visitor and closing.

In the end, WGM Marge just couldn't resist trying on some of the 1920's fashions and of course WGP Dennis had to assist her.

Afterwards we all enjoyed delicious refreshments in the dining room.

PS. It was wonderful to see Jean Ballard out again. She was walking well on her two new knees - without a cane or walker after only 6 weeks.


Thursday, September 17, 2009


The WM of Vida Chapter has a couple of items that were found after events this summer. First is a black half slip found after the 1st OV and the second is a pair of ladies shoes found after the WGM/WGP Reception. Please contact the WM if one of these items might be yours and make arrangements with her for picking the item up.

Grand Esther Reception - Sep 12, 2009

(Unofficial Count) 101 people traveled to Prosser to the Princess Theater for the reception honoring the station of Grand Esther and Glenda Miller of Sunshine Chapter. All of the American Emerald Grand Officers were present.

WM Betty Reynolds and WP Jim Carrey presided over the festivities. Our honoree's husband Gordon started the entertainment by giving us the history of the "Star Spangled Banner" and how all four stanzas developed. Then Sierra Klingele sang the entire song accompanied by Terry Crabb. It was beautiful!

Eight Past Grand Esthers attended including the remarkable Blanche Herron Chambers who was Grand Esther over 50 years ago.

The mystery speaker was Grand Treasurer Marcia Haukaas and everyone enjoyed her remarks and those of the other responders: June Lee - GGCCM and PGM, Marilyn Hoots - PGM and Phil Green - PGP.

After the reception there were delicious treats at the Prosser Senior Center.


Wednesday, September 16, 2009

OV and Homecoming - Astral - Sep 11, 2009

(Unofficial count) 126 members traveled to Wenatchee for the Official Visit of WGM Marge with WGM Dennis to Astral Chapter, and the Homecoming of Jr. PGM Diane Osborne and Jr. PGP Roy Sharp.

WM Carole Lee Walk and WP Fred Walk did a great job of leading the Chapter in the opening and introductions.

The Grand Officers looked great in their installation attire.

The Portrait Grand Family turned out in force to support our Jr.PGM and Jr.PGP.

The Golden Envoy Grand Representatives were well represented!

The Maplette Deputies also enjoyed the reunion.

The Portrait Grand Family had a great time returning all the autumn leaves and road runner droppings to Diane and Roy.

In the end, Diane was dressed in a manner befitting a Past Grand Matron.

After the meeting everyone enjoyed delicious refreshments in the dining room. It was a fun evening. Welcome home Diane and Roy!


Monday, September 14, 2009

Casino Night Cancelled

The Casino Night this coming Saturday to raise funds for the General Grand Chapter has been cancelled. If you paid, you will be contacted about a refund.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

2009-10 OES Washington Bowling Tournament

As part of the fund raising efforts of Grand Chapter this year, WGM Marge is pleased to announce a Bowling Tournament. We hope everyone will join - not only in the fun, but in raising money for our Grand Chapter.

For information, rules and registration forms, please click on the link below.

Happy Bowling!

2009-10 OES Washington Bowling Tournament


Thursday, September 10, 2009

OV Report - Tula, Sep 9, 2009

(Unofficial count) 50 people traveled to Coupeville for the official visit of WGM Marge with WGP Dennis.

The evening started with a wonderful pizza and salad party - much appreciated by those who traveled far or came straight from work.

WM Deborah Allen and WP Jim Iverson did a great job of leading their officers in the opening and introductions and the business of the Chapter was quickly dispatched.

After the meeting the members who hadn't left to catch the ferry enjoyed delicious cookies downstairs. (Those who left to catch the ferry took their cookies with them!)

OV Pictures - Roza & Sunshine, Sep 3, 2009

Pictures courtesy of WGP Dennis for the OV of Roza and Sunshine.

If anyone has more information about the OV, please send it to us and we'll add it to the blog.

OV Pictures - Sunnyside & Illihee, Sep 2, 2009

Pictures courtesy of WGP Dennis for the OV of Sunnyside and Illihee.

We do know one very exciting thing happened. WP John Hodkinson of Illihee was appointed Grand Representative of Montana at the OV.

If anyone has more information, please send it and we'll post it to the blog.


OV Pictures - Zillah, Aug 29, 2009

Pictures courtesy of WGP Dennis for Zillah's OV and 100th anniversary celebration.

If anyone would like to send information about the OV, we'll be happy to add it to the pictures!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

New Grand Representative

Last night I traveled to Spokane Chapter to present the commission to Bolivia to Sister Marilyn Bordner. She is the Secretary.

When the WM asked if there was any other unfinished business, I stood up and said I had some left over from Grand Chapter. Wow, was Marilyn surprised. She has traveled alot but not to South America.

In attendance was Phil Green, PGP and his escort, Leslie; John Chamberlain, G Chaplain; Karen Spricher, Rep to Kansas and Dale Cooper, Rep to Massachusettes. Both Karen and Dale were Deputies for Marilyn when she was the Eastside Chairman. It was a fun night.

Chocolate Hugs & Kisses,
Diane Osborn, PGM


Tuesday, September 8, 2009


The place to be is tonight, Sept. 8th, at Spokane Chapter. Come if you can. It is at 7:30.

Chocolate Hugs & Kisses,Diane Osborne

Saturday, September 5, 2009


Sometimes we need your help. We can't make it to all the OV's, Honor Nights, events, fundraisers, lunches, dinners, etc. We need for you to tell us about the ones we miss. Even if you don't have photos to e-mail us, at least send us a description of what happened and we'll post it on the blog.

It's fun to see what's happening in Chapters around the state. If you have something to report, please e-mail it to us.

Thanks & Hugs!
The Blogkeepers



Thursday, September 3, 2009

New Grand Representative

WGP Dennis Okicich presented the Grand Representative of Montana Commission to John Hodkinson, Jr of Illihee Chapter at the Official Visit of Sunnyside/Illihee on Wednesday, September 3rd.

New Grand Representative

Good morning,

I had the pleasure to complete some unfinished business last night at Okanogan Chapter. Lawrence Weitman is the new Grand Representative to Manitoba. He was speechless.

I thanked the Chapter for all they did to help make our year so special. I said I knew that everyone could not get to Grand Chapter. I knew that Carol and Lawrence had registered but were unable to attend so I brought them a program. I gave it to Lawrence. He found the pin inside.

His first words were: "Who is this for?" So I got the certificate to prove it was really him.

It was a great night. Several were there from Grand Coulee Dam including Marjoe and Lynette Zierden, DI.

Chocolate Hugs & Kisses,
Diane Osborne, PGM


Wednesday, September 2, 2009

OV Report - Alpha & Syringa, Tue, Sep 1, 2009

(Unofficial count) 70 people tiptoed past the ferocious Bison guarding the door at Cle Elum for the official visit of Alpha and Syringa Chapters.

It was a warm evening, but most members were dressed in their Hawaiian attire and leis provided by the two Chapters.
WM Jeanine Baunsgard and WP Ken Larson of Alpha Chapter lead their officers in opening and introductions, then conducted the business of the Chapter as this was their meeting night. After that WM Jeanine pro-temed for Syringa Chapter's WM Barb Lynch, who was unable to attend, and with WP Terry Bennett lead their officers through the examination of a visitor and closing.

The apron WGM Marge is wearing in the picture was a gift to her from Alpha Chapter and is covered in ladybugs.

After the meeting we all gathered in the dining room for delicious refreshments and lots of friendship.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

OV Report - Corinthian & Cedar - Mon, Aug 31, 2009

(Unofficial Count) 101 members attended the official visit by WGM Marge with WGP Dennis to Corinthian and Cedar Chapters on Monday, August 31st. The evening started with a delicious dinner for a donation of chicken Caesar salad followed by ice cream and cookies. Yum!

Mickey Mouse and Angels were in abundance as WM Betty Croft and WP Ed Croft of Corinthian lead their officers in opening and introductions. From there WM Pam Miller and WP Cappy McIntire took over and Cedar Chapter officers examined a visitor and closed the Chapters.

They were pleased to announce that the dinner raised $150 more for the WGM and WGP projects.

It was a very special night for the two Chapters because Hank Radtke, Grand Representative of the United Grand Chapters of Australia in Washington, and his wife Jan brought some special guests with them. We were pleased to have from Australia the Worthy Grand Associate Conductress, the Grand Representative of Washington in Australia, and two Past District Grand Patrons.

Everyone enjoyed getting to know them and listening to them talk. (They have a slight accent!) After the meeting we all enjoyed fresh fruit and goodies in the dining room.

OV Report - Victory & Magnolia - Fri, Aug. 28, 2009

Reported by Vicki Chamberlain:

We had over 130 people at Magnolia. The WGM and WGP from Idaho were there with several officers as well as Past Grands, etc. It was really fun.

Marge, Peggy and I went to most of an Idaho OV in Coeur d'Alene Saturday afternoon. They do them quite a bit different and it was fun for both Lucy (WGM Idaho) and Marge to attend each other OV's.

We left the Idaho OV a bit early in order to get to Newport for Zillah's dinner and OV Saturday night. All went well.

The best part was that Marge and Peggy got to help Magnolia at a pancake breakfast on Saturday morning. I don't know many WGM's who would take orders, clean tables, and do basic grunt work for another chapter - or Past Grand Marshal's that would do dishes for 2 hours. We really put them to work and I think they both had fun.


This just in!!!

1. The OV of Sunnyside & Illihee Chapters in Sunnyside on Wednesday, September 2nd. The OV starts at 7:30 PM.

2. The place to be is Okanogan, tomorrow evening, Wednesday, September 2nd. Hope to see some of you there.
Chocolate Hugs & Kisses,Diane Osborne

Could new Grand Representatives be showing up soon?